At My Neu Mind, we focus on creating personalized integrative plans to meet the needs of your child. Below is a list of what to do to get started with us!

We welcome you to watch this quick walkthrough video of our adolescent based services.


Meet Staff & Visit Our Facility - Initial Consult with a Technician

Your free, 15 minute initial consult with one of our technicians includes discussion of your primary concerns, your child's background, school performance, prior assessments that have been taken, and any other concerns you would like the doctor to know about. 

This consultation gives us insight into what types of assessment your child will need. It also helps our doctors get background information on your child prior to your first appointment. This helps complete the picture that your child's doctor will have to put together during your appointments with them. 

Please contact us via phone call or email at (937) 769-5019 ext 102 and/or [email protected]

Moving Forward with Services 'To Do' List

1.) Set your assessment appointment time.

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2.) Collect Documentation and forward it to our office prior to your child's first scheduled appointment with our doctors. This may include:

+Achievements and Special Honors Report Cards

+Prior Assessment Result (e.g. Academic, Speech, Psychology, OT, PT, et cetera)

+I.E.P. or summary of any other ancillary services your child is currently receiving.

3.) Sign into our client portal and Set-up your Personal Page

+Click this link to learn how to set up your client portal page: Navigating the Client Portal

4.) Please fill out the following forms prior to your appointment:

+Biopsychosocial (Electronic submission - Tech will send link to your email)

+Consent for Treatment & Confidentiality Forms (HIPPA Compliance & CO-VID-19 Forms)

+Standardized questionnaires 

 *A technician will forward a link to your email. We ask that these forms be filled out prior to your child's first appointment and brought to that appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the completion of these documents. *

Next Steps 

Please visit Assessment Services for more information regarding your child's initial appointment.

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