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Your First Appointment


Now that the free phone consultation has been completed and all of the required documents have been obtained, it is time for your first appointment! 

Recommendations for a Great Initial Appointment! 

+Good nights sleep

+Comfortable clothes


+Bring a healthy snack and non-sugary drink

+Bring your glasses, hearing aides, or any other any adaptive devices typically used.


To ensure an effective appointment, our doctors also have a to-do list of their own before and during your appointment! 

Our Doctor's To Do List:

  • Before your first appointment, we will review all submitted documents and discuss assessment options that we feel best fits your needs
  • During this appointment, we will ask more detailed questions about your concerns, your background, and any other information that will help us determine the appropriate assessment plan.  

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The Day of the Appointment

Once you are at the appointment, a series of assessments will be completed. These assessments are typically completed in one day and take about 2-6 hours to finish. However, depending on your needs, comfort level & ability to tolerate long hours, we may schedule two days to complete the full assessment process.

Assessment are based on the your need. More information regarding types of Integrative Assessments (IA) that My Neu Mind offers, along with a more detailed description can be found below.

My Neu Mind utilizes a Multimodal approach to Assessment.

Convergent Evidence: This approach relies on more than one source of information to identify your current strengths and  needs.

Integrative Assessment (IA) begins with the CNC -10-20, a Home based assessment.

The Comprehensive Neurodiagnostic Checklist (CNS-10-20) allows you and your loved ones to identify and describe your needs. 

Integrative Assessment (IA) at the office follows with a quantitative ElectroEncephlagram qEEG.

This qEEG provides the baseline data for neurofeedback. Click What is a qEEG? to learn more. 

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Additionally, your Integrative Assessment (IA) may include assessment of the following domains (based on the identified needs) 

  • Psycho-social personality 
  • Adaptive - Behavioral functioning 
  • Intellectual Functioning 
  • Academic Achievement 
  • Attention and Executive Functioning 
  • Visual and Verbal Memory 
  • Visual-Spatial & Visual-Perception Processing 
  • Visual-Motor & Fine Motor Coordination 
  • Language (Receptive, Expressive, Pragmatic) 

Interested in Cognitive/Learning Assessment? Click HERE.

Interested in Memory Assessment? Click HERE.

*For more information regarding specific assessments, you can go to Comprehensive Integrative Assessment

**During the CO-VID pandemic, we practice social distancing and ease the assessment process by utilizing the CNS-VS, a computerized assessment tool, thus minimizing social contact involved in traditional assessment.


After the Assessment 

You may be wondering how our doctors are going to utilize this assessment information. These specified assessments help create a report, provide feedback, and helps our doctors build an integrative plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We call this plan , your Integrative Wellness Plan (IWP).

Report Writing 

  • After scoring and integrating all of the history and assessment findings, a comprehensive report is written. 
  • This report includes: strengths, areas of need, and recommendations.

Client/Parent Feedback                      


After the report is written, you (and appropriate family members) will sit down with a doctor and review the results and recommendations. In the case of school aged children, the doctor may continue to work collaboratively with the parents to share the diagnostic impressions and recommendations with the appropriate members of the child's treatment and education team. 

* If appropriate a Letter of Recommendation for Accommodations can be written for the Student's school.*

Development of an Integrative Wellness Plan

If the client decides to move forward with treatment and services at My Neu Mind, an Integrated Wellness Plan (IWP) is developed. This wellness plan will be modified accordingly to the growth and needs of the individual. The IWP may include any of the following: Neurofeedback, Psychotherapy, and /or Behavior Management. The number of sessions will vary depending on the wellness plan. If you are an adult seeking services from us, you will have a similar 'post-assessment' consultation process, including a personalized plan that promotes health and wellness. 

If you are looking for services regarding cognitive and learning services, please click Cognitive/Learning Assessments

If you are looking for services regarding memory assessment, please click Memory Assessment

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